Communication is Key and The Differentiator/Respondo

Communication is key to teaching successfully. Today, a ten year old girl was standing outside the door to my classroom. I asked her to come in, she wouldn’t talk to me. So, thinking this might be a “girl thing”, I asked her to come to the back of the room and have a chat with me because, communication is key. The conversation went like this:

Me: Is something wrong?

Student: (Stares at me)

Me: You’re not in trouble, are you upset about something at the moment? (Very reassuring)

Student: (Begins to bend over)

Me: Are you feeling sick?

Student: (Throws up on carpet) All better now!!

Me: (slightly nauseated) You’re welcome…

I discovered a couple of great resources today, the first is The Differentiator, a great tool for differentiating explicit tasks and Respondo,  a different way of responding to texts.

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