Finger Injuries and Dragon Naturally Speaking

In my short time teaching, my fingers have copped it the worst. Teachers are not babysitters, but personal assistants, doctors, receptionists, CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, police officers and many more occupations…. on steroids. (By the way, I respect all those people and the jobs they do in the community, they don’t have a child screaming at you because their friend borrowed their lunch then ate it and now they won’t give the toy they promised for their birthday).

I type each students Individual Education Plan in my class. Six students. Approximately 8000 words per IEP, 48000 words in 2 weeks after assessment and program design. I faint when I see that our school does them this way and other schools have one key goal per student. I want one key goal per student and I often have 1 key goal, per student, per subject. However, in the spirit of self destruction and pure love for my job I press on.

What does this have to do with my fingers… I hate typing. I hate it, after a few strokes of the keyboard I find myself clenching my fingers into a fist in order to sort out the pain. So, whatever all those other professions do, I do all that, and type up reports for each one.

This week I have decided to fully start the nitty gritty of my transport unit. This means lots of questions, time on the Internet and typing, typing, typing before I even start the unit. I understand the need to be prepared and so I push on.

Today I installed Dragon Naturally Speaking to ease my pain. The software is easy to set up and hardly makes mistakes, I even updated Facebook with my wife asking me “Why are you talking to the computer?”

My day book was done in 3 minutes.

YES! Another day spent with less typing and more using my voice which we know teachers never use enough…

I may be voiceless by the time I am 40 but at least I will be well prepared.

Dragon can be found here.

Happy Reading