The Energizer Bunny Has Nothing On Me And Literactive

I sometimes wonder how I must look to some of the more “experienced” teachers who come to our school, or work with me on a daily basis. There are several things that get me so excited and passionate about teaching that I quite literally cannot wipe the smile off my face.

Like when a kid retains 20 words for the first time in 6 years or when my youngest student is so excited about what we are doing, she literally does the “I’m so happy, I’m gonna jump because I can’t help it” jump.

I am keen, enthusiastic, “The Ultimate Educator” aka “The Educationer, the Energizer Bunny has nothing on me.

The other teachers in my school tend to look down on this ultra enthusiastic perspective  as I hang a bright red bus my students made on the wall above a door where the majority of students and teachers can admire our work. They see me as a puppy, just discovering his tail is within a few centimeters of my mouth but I can’t quite get it.

They see me as getting dizzy chasing my tail, however for the first time since I started here, I see myself running full pelt into my career, seeing clearly. Compared to my first couple of years which to be honest, I can’t really remember because it happened so fast.

Educators are privileged to be in the position they hold, and though it might not last forever, at this point I can see myself going and going and going and going and going….

Now for today’s resource. This is called Literactive, a great free site with heaps of levelled readers perfect for the IWB. I used this EVERY day last year.

Happy reading,